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(no subject)

Jan. 9th, 2020 | 09:16 pm

Friends only for personal entries! 50% locked.

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Merry Christmas

Dec. 24th, 2011 | 12:54 pm

So stretched every day, I almost forgot I have got a online space here.

It's Christmas eve so I wanna wish everyone a merry Christmas and a fabulous year ahead!

I am especially excited because we are one month away from our 10-Days Taiwan trip! ♥

Till days before 2011 ends, I will do a post to mark a end to this special year :)


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Actual Day!

Sep. 5th, 2011 | 09:58 pm
mood: sicksick

Just came back from the docs and I am down with gastric flu. WEAKLING! :( So, she said I must avoid practically EVERYTHING, except for plain porridge, mee sua and kuay tiao soup. SAD. 

So, on my big day, Darling Min took off to spend it with me even though I thought there was not a need to. Sweet~

I saw the thickness of this photo album the moment I met up with her and I was already on the verge of tearing! I know right, like a drama but I was thinking to myself,"why on earth do I deserve such a great friend?" Well, I held my tears back cause we were in public. 

Could not believe how we grew so close over the years and could read each other like a book. 
Since 2006.

I think I kinda looked disgusting and my cheeks (OMG SO FAT)!

My Tofu looks like a CHUI. "Love is blind" - TRUE THAT! Wahahaha

My 20th Birthday @ Timbre


So, Min started singing "老婆“ from S.H.E for me and I CRIED. That was her ultimate goal, to see me cry because she made me this super gorgeous and expensive book. hahaha. 

Coincidentally, I made her this simple card as a form of appreciation. Already given it to most of my besties. If you have not, dont worry. Some are still in the making cause I am really BUSY! :)

And, SHE CRIED TOO. Two cry babies.

There came the guys with my birthday cake! :)



Erm, I have got a lot of belated bday celebrations with different cliques and I will update properly once I have the time. 
Gotta go pop some pills and head straight to bed, AFTER MASKS. Yes, sick also must be pretty. haha. 


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Sep. 5th, 2011 | 03:47 pm

I was pleasantly surprised by Cherilyn! She came back from lunch with something from Kate Spade and gave it to me suddenly :) I LOVE THIS POUCH! Just in time, cause my Agnes B's make up pouch is like a goner!

Our 10 years friendship. :)

Omg Im loving this necklace SO MUCH! it dangles around the chest area so it matches almost any outfits. A lovely gift from the girls!

My boss also surprised me with a Swarovski necklace which was so bling and classy. Feeling all the love around me. :)

Gotta do a proper post if I am free later on. :D

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Twenty Third on Twenty Third August

Aug. 31st, 2011 | 09:29 pm
mood: lovedloved

Thank God I finally managed to find some time to update this space. I was extremely busy on my birthday week and wasn't be home till after one in the morning. Goodness. 

Tofu wanted to bring me to somewhere further like HK or TW for a short trip but since he just got confirmed and he is the only one in charge, it ain't really nice to take a few days off. We decided to go somewhere near and beautiful for some quiet us-time. Nongsapura, Turi Beach. All expenses paid by him! SHIOK TO THE MAX!

View from our room. Honestly, I did not expect this whole resort to be so modern, beautiful and relaxing! I was really expecting nothing cause photos are usually deceiving but well, what you see is really what you get! :)

We were like really early so we booked a cab which cost around SGD15 to Nagoya Hill for brunch, shopping and massage!


Look! Cheesy in personal pan! I dont think Singapore's Pizzahut sell this right? :( We ordered a few more side dishes and soup and the bill was less than SGD30. Shiok ah~

The supermarket was where we spent all the money we had changed.

Watson's selling at SGD16, Venus, SGD10 and there, SGD6!!!!!!! I think I grabbed like 6 bottles for myself and a few for my friends. 

It has been slightly more than a week and yap, we are left with only 4 boxes of the You.C1000 drink. We are absolutely crazy over it after I introduced it to Tofu and we have been stocking it from anywhere cheap in the world. haha. Crazy much!
Lulur scrub was only SGD2 but I didnt managed to find the scent I like. :(
Facial foam which Tofu uses retail at SGD2 over there and it is going for almost SGD10 here in Watsons. So was the Gatsby wax that Tofu was using. HOW TO NOT BUY, YOU TELL ME?! 

After the crazy 2hours shopping, we went for massage just opposite the mall.
I can't wait to go back to restock the drinks and go for a 3hours long massage already! 

Back to the resort, my room faces the sea and the pool. LIFE.

Cant get enough of this. haha.

Wedding by the beach, how sweet! 

After touring most of the island, I was so hungry I could hardly move an inch and wanted food badly!
Here we are, at the BBQ buffet dinner with live performances. 


While I was doing my mask, I heard fireworks going on so we rushed out, watched the fireworks and saw the Bride and Groom dancing romantically to the love songs. :)

Next morning, we woke up to the same great view.

Some pool-lovin' time with ice cold beer. Ah. I want this every single day!

That's all for our short getaway! :)

Cant wait for another trip and I really hope we can go for a super long break to Taiwan. *Fingers crossed*
After that, is it truly time to SAVE for the expenses for our DAY. 

I will treasure all that you have blessed/ will bless me with. 

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Aug. 26th, 2011 | 09:14 am

Last night, meet up with Dayne and gang for buffet dinner and she passed me this limited edition casing she got from Agnes B. So classy!
Wanted to get a Kate Spade/ Marc Jacobs but it seems kinda dumb to spend 70-100 bucks on a casing? Now I got one cause Dayne wont be using it!


Was kinda down yesterday for a couple of stuff but well, sad times dont always last long for me cause my ASOS loots arrived!

God loves me. ^^

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No more blues

Aug. 23rd, 2011 | 11:22 pm


Just got my results today, on my birthday! Was freaked out when the page loaded with my finalised results.

Quite satisfied with the results since I only mugged for a whole month without attending 80% of the classes. SecondLower for this year.

Lesson learnt and I have been attending classes regularly (cept for today since it is my B'day) and gonna aim to graduate with a Second Upper! :)

Now I am looking forward to another all-expenses-paid trip with Tofu, which will be my reward for doing well :D


This is definitely one of the best Birthdays ever and Min Min made me so touched, I cried and will update that with photos in e future. Haha. Really love all my friends and this week will be a blast cause I am packed to the brim!


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Continuing Bali ♥

Aug. 10th, 2011 | 09:24 pm
mood: highhigh

 FInally, found time to pick up from where I left. Friends have been asking me how was Bali and asking me for tips and oh, boy... I miss Bali so darn much man!

Following the breakfast, our driver, Made, picked us up to Tanjung Benoa for some exciting water activities. 
That picture above, was Tofu preparing to fly up high! Parasailing is one the my favourites! That very moment I flew up, going against the strong wind and overlooking the whole beach with an bird's eye view, OMG. I would not exchange anything for that kind of experience!

Had so much fun riding on the Banana boat, lying on the Flying Fish, going against the waves on the Jet ski and of course, snorkeling! The last one was a bit disappointing though since we were not able to see the fishes clearly and only have 2 kinds of fishies there? ☹

Next up...

Private beach at Nusa Dua! I love how serene this place is, unlike the other touristy beaches in Bali and it is just like a scene right out from the movies. THE CLEAR BLUE SEA!!! 

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Dreamland Beach. 

The corns are so cheap and sedap-ful! Around 50cents each and there is a choice between spicy and sweet. We tried both and both were equally great! Ah. Life.

Ermmm... Displaying our vanity.

Cuties! They were ALL OVER THE BEACH! Muahaha. Eye Feasting to the max.

Here's me, looking at the surfers do their jobs while blasting songs from my Iphone and enjoying the sea breeze, hiding under the umbrella. ;D

Our quick lunch? dinner? meal...

This photo reminds me of the many shades I bought! I bought like 6 pairs of sunglasses and all were dirt cheap! From F21 :D
This is the pair that I dislike the most cause the prints are not obvious unlike my other shades and it looks dull. I prefer bright ones if not, solid black.

Tofu and I in the middle with Min and Xing on both sides. :D

Took a few with Made and he chose this! 

The view we had throughout. :)

Uluwatu Temple for Kecak dance.

Muahahahahaha. Holy monkeys in HOT SIZZLING ACTIONS!

There is where the temple is built. 我的天. 
Almost heaven.

A Thumbs-up for me. :D

And this mischievous monkey "picking out" lice from Tofu's head. The whole crowd there was laughing heartily when the monkey did that. Haha.

He was burnt alive...


Did a 2 hours massage after that and well, did take away from Ultimo (again).


See how satisfied this gay couple is!



Time for shopping!

The boss even treated us to drinks. Awww, so sweet. 

Warehouse for you-know-what!

Back to Villa and time to say bye-bye to Bali. 

Bali, I will be back for more soon! 



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